9 February 2014

Kittaaaaaaaaaa~~~ :D

This is really the best birthday present I ever gave to myself. The first one is from the recent LOVE tour. I really love the bag! So I decided to buy the bag and a small group uchiwa. The seller is really kind by giving me some freebies, which are Sakumoto shop photos! Thank you so much :D

As expected, the bag is made from good materials and really usable :) *wear it proudly around the campus*
And having the uchiwa is enough for me even though I can't attend the concert :')


The second one, is Arafes 2013 replica t-shirt. After browsing around, I found that the original t-shirt has been sold at high price, so I bought this one from a local seller. The quality is good too! Unexpectedly, the seller gave me two pin badges for free too, thank you so much! *put it at my laptop backpack* :D


The last one, is this lovable Arafes bead cushion! I don't know why I'm such a slow buyer, because I really really really want to buy this cushion after 2 months Arafes 2013 concert has ended ;_; . So everyday I browse shopping / auction websites, to see if there is people who want to sell their extra stuff. Of course, the price is ridiculously high and I've lost my hope xP

Luckily I found someone who mentioned that her friend wants to sell some of her extra goods including a few cushions. Therefore here it is, and again it comes with a freebie, Matsujun LOVE small uchiwa! *imagine myself screaming after opening the box* Thank you so much! :D

Say hello to my new sleeping partner ;)


I'm very happy! What a good way to end 2013 by buying this stuff to myself.
Once again, thank you for these three kind sellers, for a good service and thoughtful freebies. Will treasure it wholeheartedly


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