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Hi, dear blog! Hisashiburi!

What a long semi-hiatus I have been. My last post was actually Neen's birthday last year! I haven't had the chance to wish J, Oh-chan, Aiba-kun and Sho-kun's birthdays. And my Arashi 15th anniversary post! Oh well. A lot of things happened during these past few months. I got a new job (which I really hate, it's messy and stressful etc.) and after 6 months, I resigned from the job. No regrets, of course. I am now seeking a new one so I'm staying at home now, doing a part-time jobs as well as becoming a good housewife :P. Ah yes! I'm married on mid of August last year! :D I guess that is the main reason of why I have no chance in updating myself with the fandom :). In the process of adapting with my stressful job and becoming a wife, I had no time to laze around with my laptop like I used to do. But now because I have plenty of time, I will try to keep up with everything; new songs, new dramas, varieties. Well of course I miss them boys so much.

On the other note, my husband and I had our long-awaited honeymoon / 7th-year relationship anniversary last week in Tokyo, which is my dream destination for so long. I've been to Kyoto, Kita-kyushu, Okayama and Kobe before this (following my research trips in 2012 and 2013), so I really want to go to Tokyo! Luckily my husband agreed to this trip xD. We had a very nice one-week getaway there. If I have time, I would like to update my Tokyo trip here, including my 2012 and 2013 research trips :).

Till then, lots of things to catch up! :)

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