Kittaaaaaaaaaa~~~ :D

This is really the best birthday present I ever gave to myself. The first one is from the recent LOVE tour. I really love the bag! So I decided to buy the bag and a small group uchiwa. The seller is really kind by giving me some freebies, which are Sakumoto shop photos! Thank you so much :D

As expected, the bag is made from good materials and really usable :) *wear it proudly around the campus*
And having the uchiwa is enough for me even though I can't attend the concert :')


The second one, is Arafes 2013 replica t-shirt. After browsing around, I found that the original t-shirt has been sold at high price, so I bought this one from a local seller. The quality is good too! Unexpectedly, the seller gave me two pin badges for free too, thank you so much! *put it at my laptop backpack* :D


The last one, is this lovable Arafes bead cushion! I don't know why I'm such a slow buyer, because I really really really want to buy this cushion after 2 months Arafes 2013 concert has ended ;_; . So everyday I browse shopping / auction websites, to see if there is people who want to sell their extra stuff. Of course, the price is ridiculously high and I've lost my hope xP

Luckily I found someone who mentioned that her friend wants to sell some of her extra goods including a few cushions. Therefore here it is, and again it comes with a freebie, Matsujun LOVE small uchiwa! *imagine myself screaming after opening the box* Thank you so much! :D

Say hello to my new sleeping partner ;)


I'm very happy! What a good way to end 2013 by buying this stuff to myself.
Once again, thank you for these three kind sellers, for a good service and thoughtful freebies. Will treasure it wholeheartedly

Here it comes! My white 24hour TV t-shirt. And my friend is so kind by giving me a pink clear file too!
I am satisfied with the quality and so happy to wear it proudly in front of other people. Even my friends (that know nothing about Arashi) praise the design. Good job Oh-chan xD
As an avid fangirl, this is a must! :D I really treasure my external hard disk, too many rainbows and happiness inside the purple thingy. I bought the cover from one of 100yen shops in Fukuoka during my research meeting trip last May, and the 嵐 phone strap at one of the souvenir shops below Kyoto Tower, also during last May. They have five colours, following the Arashi members respective colours. I really want to buy all of them! But since purple is my favourite colour (and Jun's colour xD), so the rest is history :D


And thank you to one of my research members for these magazines! She is too kind by giving me these magazines for free although she is also a big fan by herself! She said that since she is now studying in Okayama, and being exposed to Arashi all the time, so it is more than enough to her. Aaaaa I want to further my studies in Japan tooooooo!


This is my another t-shirt collection! An unofficial t-shirt made by one of the fans. The one besides the t-shirt is a car sign and the other pic is my button badges, I bought these unofficial merchs from Malaysia no Arashi fangroup. Kawaii ne? :)



Now I'm waiting for my 24-hour TV t-shirt! My friend in Japan is willing to help by buying the t-shirt for me. Yeay!

#storyofafangirl xD

Some of them and many more to come.
Once an Arashian, forever an Arashian.
2012-11-19 11.50.01

Only Arashian can understand the value of these t-shirts :')

I am happy and proud to own and wear these t-shirts!
And I will definitely buy more t-shirts and Arashi stuff after this. You can't really describe the feeling of having Arashi goodies ^^
Because now I am working in a research project with a collaboration from Japanese universities and agencies, I have made several friends with some of them :) They are very nice, especially when I was following the Japan trip back in April. And when I tell them that I really love Arashi and love to watch Japanese dramas, they were like, really happy and enjoying the fact that I appreciate something from their country ^^

And a few weeks ago I received lots of souvenir from them when they came to my country! One of them was handing me a nicely wrapped parcel. I asked her what's inside, she just smiled and said, I will like it so much.

Here, presenting the gift. Tadaaaa!

It's a Nippon no Arashi book!
I'm very delighted to receive the gift! Thank you very much to her :)
It feels good to see my favourite boys in one book full with their pictures (although I don't understand the texts) :P

Till then, have a nice day everyone! :)


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