caster boy :)

It's already the 26th, but I still wanna post this anyway!
Happy 32nd birthday, dearest keio boy - news caster - nadegata guy - rapper - fail boat - smart genius guy - singer actor host - my precious talented ikemen Sakurai Sho-kun :)
Please stay healthy and do your best You deserve all the happiness in this world!

There's no word to describe on how much I love you. Thank you for always being my inspiration and motivation :)

They are not aging, are they? They look very young and cute as always!
I am so much addicted to them, before, now and then. I will always watch them despite my busy day or I will watch them all day long! Arashi, thank you for being my moodmaker, my company, my everything. I will always be your fan, itsumo, zutto.

I love you guys! Each of you like seriously!!

I love all Arashi members but now I am falling so hard, head over heels over these two guys!
Sho and Matsujun are very kakkoi to the max, right? They are so perfect that I have to put their pics everywhere, I really love them! ^^,


1 June 2012 11:34
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Okay so this is my first time writing in Livejournal.
Basically this journal will be my medium to find updates about my most favourite persons, Matsumoto Jun, Ikuta Toma and Arashi.

It's amazing when your favourites are together! :')

But it's frustrating because none of my good friends are having the same interest with me :P So I am a silent fan, and dig everything about them by myself. Hehe!

Seriously, the last groups / persons that I love the most (which is about 10 years ago) are Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, 'N Sync and so on. I can't believe I will actually love these Japanese guys, like in a very serious way, after all these years! :D

And one of my biggest dreams have been achieved. Which is going to Japan :)
I had the chance to follow the trip with my research project members last April (2012). And it's Spring season! I am truly grateful for that! :)

Till then, will update more (and undoubtly, it's anything about them!) later! :)


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